diumenge, 7 de juny de 2009

FINAL EVALUATION of 1st Batxillerat

Of course I can say I have seen an improvement in my level of English, compared to my level of September 2008. I've improved my level of writting, I've learned new things about grammar and a lot of new vocabulary.

I think that the activity that shows most my level of English is writting, because I can use words that I know to express myself, and I can do it at my way, so for me it's easier. This year there have been many new activities, there hasn't been too theory, the classes have been far more entertaining than the other years.
There have been many useful activities, such as oral presentations, because it prepares you for selectivitat, for example, and improves your fluency in speaking. I also think that practising all the things related to grammar is very useful.
I also think that there has been less useful things such as listening to others oral presentations, it doesn't improve anything of your English, you just listen, and of course it's interesting, but I think it adds nothing to improve your level of English.
The thing I enjoyed most was not having to endure so much theory or grammar book, make things fun and different, like games, watching movies, listening to music .. etc. These are the kind of things I'd like to do next year.